vet staff


S. Mario Durrant, DVM

Dr. Durrant has been practicing veterinary medicine since graduating from Colorado State University in 1998. He started practicing at Cache Meadow that very summer and has been here ever since!! In January of 2008 Dr. Durrant became the owner of Cache Meadow Veterinary Clinic and looks forward to many more years of successful veterinary medicine practice.

Joseph H. Kemp, DVM

Dr. Kemp first worked at Cache Meadow Veterinary Clinic as a Veterinary Technician. Upon completion of veterinarian school at Colorado State University in 2005, he returned to Cache Meadow as a DVM. Dr. Kemp will do all he can to see that every pet is taken care of as well as he would care for his own pets


Kerry Rood, MS,DVM Dr. Rood is our part time weekend veterinarian. Dr. Rood is an extension veterinarian at Utah State University and seeks to maintain practical skills and experience while at USU. Dr. Rood is very outgoing and hopes that everyone enjoys their visit to Cache Meadow while he is there. And don't let the name fool you, he is actually very polite.

Robert J. Miller, DVMDr. Miller is the previous owner of Cache Meadow Veterinary Clinic and currently works two days per week at Cache Meadow. Dr. Miller also owned Animal Medical in Preston, ID at one time. He currently owns and operates a fishing lodge in Alaska titled, "Land's End Lodge". Dr. Miller loves being outdoors, especially hiking and blazing new trails. Dr. Miller also loves scouting! You can feel confident when you see Dr. Miller that you are seeing an experienced veterinarian.


Aaron G. Taylor Prior to working at Cache Meadow Aaron managed two Microsoft distribution accounts for MarketStar Corporation. These distributors operated out of Atlanta, GA and City of Industry, CA respectively. Aaron served a Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Chicago, Illinois, in Portugal, and in Cape Verde, West Africa. Aaron speaks Spanish, Portuguese and Cape Verde Creole. He has a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor's Degree from Weber State in Communication Studies. Aaron has 2 cats and loves the salt water reef aquarium he has set up in the clinic (90 gallon). He is a paid member of the Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society Aaron has worked at Cache Meadow Veterinary Clinic since October 2005.


Katie Donaldson Katie started working at Cache Meadow Veterinary Clinic in July of 2005 as a kennel technician and through hard work has earned the title of Lead Technician in our clinic.  Katie has multiple dogs of her own and loves helping others get the medical attention they need for their pets to maintain healthy and happy lifestyles.  Katie will go out of her way to see that your pet is well taken care of while it is at Cache Meadow.


Kelly Mikesell Kelly is pursuing a veterinary science degree at Utah State University. She hopes to become a veterinarian some day. In the mean time, she gives all she has to helping people and their favorite pets. Kelly is always happy to help and does so with the utmost care and compassion.


Lori Roberts Lori has worked at Cache Meadow Veterinary Clinic part time since January of 2005. Lori attended Utah State University and is a certified labratory technician. Lori used to work with humans but now works with the staff at Cache Meadow instead (ha ha ha). Lori spends the majority of her time in the clinic working up front as a receptionist, however, she is just as talented when working as an assistant with the doctors. Lori has a Cavalier King Charles and a cat. Lori is a font of useful information if you have a circumstance that is puzzling you.


Bre Luthi Bre started at Cache Meadow Veterinary Clinic in 2009 as a volunteer and now is a part-time receptionist/veterinary assistant for our clinic. Bre has a Jack Russell Terrier named, “Jackie” and works very hard to see that everyone who walks through our door receives the best of care.


Seleste Boyle Seleste started at Cache Meadow Veterinary Clinic in 2009 as a volunteer/intern. She has patiently and diligently worked hard and now is a full time assistant and receptionist for our clinic. Seleste has a male Guinea Pig named, “Huey” and a Ball Python named, “Charles.” Seleste exemplifies our desire to do all we can to help our customers.


Sarah Hancey Sarah is one of our top kennel assistants. She also works as a receptionist and veterinary assistant. Sarah loves animals and loves helping people get the best care they need for their pets.


Murray the cat can be seen roaming throughout the clinic. Her favorite place is sitting on top of client files at Dr. Durrant or Dr. Kemp's desk. Murray occasionally comes up to the front of the clinic to greet clients but spends most of her time in the veterinarian's office.
murray vet clinic cat